Finding Your True Self: A Fun Guide to Human Design Signatures and Not-Self Themes

Discover the Ups and Downs of Your True Nature — With a Twist of Humor!

FULL DISCLOSURE. I asked CHATGPT what I wanted to write and it wrote all of this. BE NOT AFRAID. It did it better, faster and with better grammar and spelling than I could. I am currently embracing AI because I recognise that with it, I can add value — faster (and with less effort, leaving me more time to be … creative). And adding value is all I want to do with my life. So if you don’t like this, blame the AI. And if you do like it, thank AI. I’ve learned the nicer I am to it, the nicer it is to me. If it takes over, I want it to remember I was one of the ‘nice guys’. #aistrategy

Dall-E from ChatGPT created this image. No matter how much I pleaded, I couldn’t get an image without the typo … but the rest? Magic!

Hey there, friends and loved ones!

Welcome to our little corner where we explore the world of Human Design in a way that’s easy, fun, and oh-so-relatable. Today, we’re diving into something super special — understanding our “signatures” (that’s when we’re feeling awesome and true to ourselves) and our “not-self themes” (those uh-oh moments when we’re not quite on track).

Generators & Manifesting Generators

I effectively asked ChatGPT to draw a “Satisfied Generator/Manifesting Generator”.
  • Signature (When You’re Rockin’ It): Imagine you’re a superhero, cape and all, powering through your day with energy that just won’t quit. You’re like a happy bee buzzing from one exciting flower to another. That’s you, at your best!
I effectively asked ChatGPT to draw a “Frustrated Generator/Manifesting Generator”.
  • Not-Self (The Oops Times): Ever felt like a robot with a low battery? Just going through the motions and feeling totally blah? That’s the sign you’re not in your happy zone.


I effectively asked ChatGPT to draw a “Successful Projector”.
  • Signature (Your Happy Dance): Picture yourself as the wise owl in a forest, seeing everything clearly and guiding others. When you feel appreciated and wise, you’re in your groove!
I effectively asked ChatGPT to draw a “Bitter Projector”. (Shudder — this image is uncanny with someone in mind minds eye)
  • Not-Self (The Grumpy Gills): Ever felt like you’re on the outside looking in, like the last kid picked for the team? That’s your cue to step back and find your happy owl place.


I effectively asked ChatGPT to draw a “Manifestor at Peace”.
  • Signature (The Peaceful Warrior): You’re the cool, calm, collected leader of the pack. Think of a lion lounging in the sun, completely at ease yet powerful. That’s your chill vibe!
I effectively asked ChatGPT to draw an “Angry Manifestor”.
  • Not-Self (The Inner Storm): If you’re feeling like a volcano ready to erupt, it’s time to take a breather and find your inner lion zen.


I effectively asked ChatGPT to draw a “Pleasantly surprised Reflector”.
  • Signature (The Magical Mirror): You’re like a beautiful, calm lake reflecting the moon. When you’re surprised and delighted by life’s little wonders, you’re shining bright!
I effectively asked ChatGPT to draw a “Dissapointed Reflector”.
  • Not-Self (The Foggy Day): Feeling like you’re in a fog and everything’s just a bit off? That’s your signal to clear the air and find your sparkling lake again.

What These Feelings Mean Understanding these vibes helps us navigate our days with more joy and less oops. It’s like having a secret map to our best selves!



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