Quickly Set Up Microsoft Teams For Your Organization

Option 1 – Set Up Microsoft Teams Without The Teams

It may seem counter-intuitive, but removing the ‘teams’ from Microsoft Teams can simplify both the implementation and the adoption of the tool by your employees. If you remove teams from the sidebar and add Navo instead, you’ll have access to all of the communication tools in Microsoft Teams while also providing a place for your employees to quickly find the tools and information they need at home.

To roll out Microsoft Teams with your company bookmarks, follow these steps:

  1. Set up Microsoft Teams without the teams by limiting group creation and removing teams from the sidebar.
  2. Add Navo to Microsoft Teams.
  3. Set up your company bookmarks.
  4. Go live!

Option 2 – Set Up Microsoft Teams With A Core Of Selected Teams

You may choose to go a step further and set up Microsoft Teams with a core of selected teams that have specific use cases in your organization. You’ll lock down the creation of additional teams until you are able to decide on and implement a governance strategy.

To roll out Microsoft Teams with a core of selected teams, follow these steps:

  1. Lock down group creation so groups that are set up by administration are the only ones that exist. This will prevent your Teams instance from becoming the ‘wild west’ before you’re able to put some governance rules in place.
  2. Create a team for your whole organization to use. We call ours ‘GO’.
  3. Create Channels – We have a ‘Today’ channel where we check-in every morning for a daily ‘scrum’; A ‘Knowledge’ channel where we share tips and tricks for communicating in teams and using other productivity tools; A ‘Working Here’ channel for company updates that we’ve also been using to keep up to date with information on the pandemic, and; A ‘Jibber Jabber’ channel that’s usually full of memes, jokes, and general lightheartedness to get us through these challenging times.
  4. Create a team for each department or project group, depending on how your organization works. Each of your employees will belong to one or more of these teams. The team should give each working group a place to discuss their department or project tasks, collaborate on documents, and host team meetings.
  5. Add your company bookmarks with Navo.
  6. Go live!

Collaborate Remotely With Microsoft Teams and Navo

Microsoft Teams and Navo are a winning combination for teams that work remotely. Microsoft Teams gives your employees a place to chat, and video conference, while Navo gives you a place to quickly push out company tools and information.



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