The ‘C’ in Cannabis: Unpacking the Magic #citizenscientist

Good day! Sean here, your friendly neighborhood Chief Troublemaker at Fünketown and Rockstar Antics. I’m on a mission to share my journey with the marvelous Cannabis plant, and today I’m diving into the wonders of its “C’s” – CBD, CBG, and CBC. Remember, Mother Nature is a genius; she’s sneaked medicine into our munchies!

Note: I’m not ‘should’ing here! Embrace your own ‘Dude Diligence’ and experiment/explore with care. This is just a share from my journey, not your guidebook! 🌿🥁

CBD: My Daily Dose of Comfort

Each day, throughout the day, I pop 50–100mg of CBD capsules, like little nuggets of calm (every 4–6 hours or so). It’s like a warm hug for my muscles, helping me stretch further and stay limber. At 51, I’m feeling spry and bendy, all thanks to these little wonders. CBD is my go-to for feeling grounded and comfy in my own skin. And don’t get me started on “420 Yoga”. That’s next level shit right there.

CBG: The Clarity Catalyst

Mornings are for CBG – my secret sauce for mental clarity. It’s been a game-changer for my ADHD, helping me focus without dimming my shine. Once a THC explorer, I found my zen with CBG. It keeps me sharp, yet grounded, perfect for those days when my brain needs to be on its A-game. I might top it up again later in the day, but usually the CBD helps ‘re-amplify’ it so it often isn’t necessary. Heads up/Pro-Tip: CBD amplifies whatever Cannabinoid you have in your body. So if you had some THC earlier, be aware that the high from that may return.

CBC: The Mystery C

I’m just scratching the surface with CBC, but word on the street is it’s a champ for targeted pain relief. It’s next on my experiment list but as I feel so good these days, I don’t really have any pain to target – but I’ll be ready if something shows up … so stay tuned!

Beyond the Cs: A Journey of Self-Improvement

It’s not just about the Cannabis components. I’m on a quest for “Excellencism” – a daily commitment to getting better, inspired by Émile Coué’s mantra of “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better”. Meditation, Yoga Nidra, self-hypnosis, and Quantum Jumping are part of my routine. And yes, a sprinkle of macro-doses of Magic Mushrooms and a micro-dose dance with them (and occasionally LSD) makes for an interesting day!

So, there you have it – a quick peek into my world of Cannabis exploration. It’s been a wild ride, and I’m just getting started. Stay tuned for more adventures from this citizen scientist, and remember – always question, always explore!

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