The Model 3 is my portable workspace and living room

I had stopped to buy Gatorade.

I’ve been asked several times lately what my favourite feature of my Tesla Model 3 is — and before I continue, let me just say that I love a LOT about it so picking one is hard … and starting a conversation with me about the car tends to lead to a lengthy and enthusiastic rant from me. :)

So here we go — my favourite feature of Shawniqua II is that she’s my super comfy, always ready portable working space and living room. Yep, nothing to do with driving, carbon neutrality, speed or fart turn signals (though that’s a close second).

Um, dude how’s that?

Ok, first I’ll explain why/what I mean.

  • Shawniqua II is an EV (Electric Vehicle) so when I’m inside, I’m not ‘idling’ and polluting the atmosphere. So I can sit there as long as I want (the battery lasts forever), comfortably.
I like my car at 20' and a warm bum, please.
  • I can set the temperature of my car in advance and turn on my seat heat — all either by schedule or from the app. So when I jump in, she’s at the perfect temperature (this alone is AMAZEBALLS). I’m even hoping to play with Microsoft Flow (er, Power Automate because Microsoft would not be Microsoft if they didn’t rename a product at least weekly) to have it read my calendar and set the temperature of the car 30 minutes before I jump in, if I’m going to head to the gym (early starts so having the car pre-warmed would take a little of the dread of going to the gym away).
  • I can take calls in the car and because it doesn’t make any noise, the ‘speakerphone’ sounds great. I’ve asked people on the other end and they tell me they can hear me very, very clearly — another benefit of an electric car, and being quiet.
Relax. I watch very little Fox News. In fact, I think this was a clip from A Closer Look showing the latest on the sheep supporting Drumpf
  • It’s a portable entertainment system. Never mind all the fun around driving the car, when it is parked, with that big beautiful screen, I can do so much more. Netflix, YouTube, a web browser and a bunch of games (and of course, amazing sounding speakers … see #3 — a quiet car equals even better/clearer sounding audio).
Never leave your intranet — Navo makes your company bookmarks available wherever you’re working. Keep your team in sync across the web, within SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.
  • Heck, I can even use Navo in the car to find my way as it has a pretty functional web browser.
  • It has cellular and wifi — so it’s always connected and ready to perform.
  • I got the basic interior package — and I can’t imagine I need a premium package … because she’s just so comfortable. I love the feel of the seat material.
  • Some people are even camping and sleeping under the stars with their Tesla’s (the whole roof is glass).

Dude, that’s awesome! Can you give some recent examples?

Sure can.

See. Mel Gibson agrees.
  • My daughter loves to shop at the Patch (we call it the Paaaaaaatttccchhh). I won’t go into why I don’t love shopping there — she does and that’s all that matters. While she can drive herself now (Freedom!), we went out for a ‘dad and daughter date’ — some shopping, lunch, etc. She wanted to go to the Paaaattttccchhh and I tried for a few minutes. I just couldn’t do it and she wanted 45 minutes to try stuff on. The Patch hasn’t figured out that you need a “dad chair” so I instead went to hang with my gal Shawniqua II. It was an 8-minute walk away so I used my app to set the temperature and turn on the seat heat so it was perfect when I arrived. Then when I got there, I flipped on YouTube and watch Seth Myer’s Closer Look episodes until Sammy returned. So awesome.
  • I’ve had reason to have a few ‘offsite’ private meetings and the car is great for that too. I can drive comfortably and environment-friendly for no other reason than needing to have a chat with someone — we’d drive for a bit, park, drive some more. Also awesome.
I conduct lots of business now, right from my car.
  • I’ve taken many Regroove business calls in the car and even planned my day around it a few times. If I know I don’t need a full PC experience (and I could use my laptop in the car, I just choose not to) for a meeting, I’ll just take the call in my car — either parked or on the go. Very, very convenient.

And I’m sure I’ll have more examples the next time we chat.

Ready to get your Model 3?

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Christmas is coming. A deposit for a Model 3 in the stocking seems like the best gift ever, no!?



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